Psychologizing: A Personal, Practice-Based Approach to Psychology
ISBN: 1442268735
EAN13: 9781442268739
Language: English
Pages: 236
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Book Overview
Psychologizing introduces students to the study of psychology by encouraging them to approach the subject on a personal level. Classroom-tested, the psychologizing model emphasizes learning through practice. A conversational and highly engaging narrative prompts students to begin thinking like psychologists as they examine key concepts, including learning, development, personality, and emotion. Based on the practice of phenomenology, Psychologizing emphasizes meaning and context. Chapters include a discussion of influential psychologists who have adopted this attitude and, in doing so, have forever changed the way that we understand thinking and learning. By exploring how experience is always meaningful, and how meaning can only be understood within a context, students will sharpen and develop critical thinking, and reflect on how they identify and shape meaning in their own lives. This book is accompanied by ancillaries designed to enhance the experience of both instructors and students: Instructor's Manual. This valuable resource provides a sample syllabus, open response activities for discussion, suggested research paper guidelines, and sample rubrics. Test Bank. For every chapter in the text, the Test Bank includes questions in multiple choice, true/false, and essay formats.