Qualitative Research: Bridging the Conceptual, Theoretical, and Methodological
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Pages: 624
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Qualitative Research: Bridging the Conceptual, Theoretical, and Methodological

Book Overview
Written with graduate students in mind, Qualitative Research focuses on helping the reader cultivate and integrate theoretical, methodological, and conceptual knowledge to provide insight into their interaction in qualitative research. This comprehensive text helps student understand the central concepts, topics, and skills necessary to engage in rigorous, valid, and respectful qualitative research. The authors have balanced communicating the foundations and processes of qualitative research with clarity and simplicity, while at the same time capturing its complexity and the multiple layers that are central to research. Whether you are new to qualitative research or not, the goal for this book is to develop and deepen your understanding of an approach to research that seeks, designs for, and engages criticality in qualitative research. Every chapters begins with an overview and key objectives for the chapter to provide a structure for the book. Many interdisciplinary and diverse examples illustrate key concepts throughout, along with a wide range of memos, conceptual framework narratives, graphics and much more. The new edition of this book includes a more prominently-placed and expanded discussion of research ethics as crucial to students' inquiry, more information on reflexivity in data collection and individual methods for qualitative data collection, a more in-depth chapter on coding and other types of qualitative data analysis, and more thorough resource sections including connections to the extensive appendices so students can further their qualitative research journey.