Qualitative Research in Practice: Examples for Discussion and Analysis
ISBN: 1119452023
EAN13: 9781119452027
Language: English
Pages: 450
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Qualitative Research in Practice: Examples for Discussion and Analysis

Book Overview
A practical introduction to qualitative research across fields and disciplines Qualitative Research in Practice offers a hands-on introduction to qualitative research design, methods, data, and analysis. Designed as a companion text for any course involving qualitative research, this book explores the different types of qualitative studies with relevant examples and analysis by the researchers themselves. The workbook format makes it easy to use in the classroom or the field, and the depth of information makes it a valuable resource for students of social work, psychology, counseling, management, education, health care, or any field in which qualitative research is conducted. While quantitative research is primarily concerned with numerical data, qualitative research methods are more flexible, responsive, and open to contextual information. To a qualitative researcher, a situation is defined by the participants' perspectives, making it the primary method of inquiry for understanding social phenomena through the lens of experience. This book introduces the essentials of qualitative research, bolstered by expert analysis and discussion that provides deeper insight than a traditional textbook format would allow. Understand the fundamental nature of qualitative research Learn how to accurately assess and evaluate qualitative research Explore qualitative research's many forms and applications Gain insight on qualitative research in a variety of fields and disciplines How does one codify an experience? Is it possible to measure emotion in units? Qualitative research fills the void where numbers cannot reach. It is the best tool we have for studying the unquantifiable aspects of the human experience, and it is an essential tool in a wide variety of fields. Qualitative Research in Practice provides translatable skills in a practical format to quicken your transition from learning to using.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover A Practical Look at the Process of Qualitative Research Qualitative research seeks to discover and portray participants' perspectives, uncovering new insights into our lives and social contexts. Within that paradigm, there are numerous qualitative research designs, each guiding researchers toward this underlying goal in a slightly different way. In this Second Edition of Qualitative Research in Practice, Sharan Merriam and Robin Grenier have assembled a set of 16 articles exemplifying 8 key qualitative designs, allowing you to see how each approach informs real-world research. Each article is accompanied by the researchers' reflections, so you can share in the process of discovery that characterizes the qualitative process. This updated edition features a more precise focus on research designs that are entirely qualitative or that have a large qualitative component. Additionally, this book: Clarifies the philosophical underpinnings of qualitative research and its difference from quantitative approaches Provides concise descriptions of eight major qualitative designs, including phenomenology, grounded theory, and arts-based research Offers a rubric of strategies researchers can employ to assess trustworthiness and rigor in qualitative research reports Qualitative Research in Practice is a valuable resource for students and practitioners across disciplines, perfect for all those interested in improving their understanding of how qualitative research is carried out.