Repeat After Me: A Workbook for Adult Children Overcoming Dysfunctional Family Systems
ISBN: 1942094779
EAN13: 9781942094777
Language: English
Pages: 240
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Repeat After Me: A Workbook for Adult Children Overcoming Dysfunctional Family Systems

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Book Overview
Repeat After Me offers those who were raised in dysfunctional families characterized by abuse, addiction, other compulsive behaviors, or mental illness. This remarkable self-help workbook, takes the reader through a process of letting go of hurtful beliefs and behaviors. While insight is often the precursor to change, people need to develop skills that make change occur. Adults children tend to repeat the life scripts of their challenged, troubled families as a result of internalized beliefs and behaviors that were either modeled for them or were a part of their survival strategy. Dr. Claudia Black, world renown expert on dysfunctional families, articulates a four step process for readers to heal the wounds of their past: 1.Explore their past, for the purpose of owning the losses and grieving the pain associated with past history. 2.Connect the past history to present day life. 3.Identify and challenge internalized beliefs, differentiating between beliefs that are healthy and those useful that are self-defeating and need to be let go. 4.Learn and practice skills, focusing on the basics such as learning to listen, identifying needs and options, identifying and expressing feelings, defining successes, establishing healthy boundaries, recognizing intrusive behavior, creating healthy rituals, identifying strengths, and developing realistic expectations. This is an excellent resource to aid therapists, counselors, and other helping professionals in their work with clients to help them become aware of how their family system affected them and grow beyond it.