Retrospecta #41: Yale School of Architectue 2017 - 18
ISBN: 194515084X
EAN13: 9781945150845
Language: English
Pages: 192
Edition: English
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Format: Paperback

Retrospecta #41: Yale School of Architectue 2017 - 18

Book Overview
Retrospecta catalogs activity at the Yale School of Architecture. Each volume is a snapshot of evolving architectural and graphic design trends. The book demarcates events such as lectures, publication releases, and outstanding circumstances that have uniquely impacted the academic, social, and political environment at the school. Concurrently, Retrospecta 41 can be construed as a prospective glance, not only by future students and faculty, but also by the community at large. As we look ahead to the rising student activism, minority impact, and female voice which undoubtedly marked this academic year, we hope these shifts continue to evolve at YSoA.