Sarah's Scribbles 2020 Wall Calendar
ISBN: 1449498477
EAN13: 9781449498474
Language: English
Pages: 24
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Wall

Sarah's Scribbles 2020 Wall Calendar

Book Overview
That one overachiever who said becoming an adult is easy? Liar. In this Adulthood Is a Myth 2020 Wall Calendar, Sarah Andersen chronicles the leap (or maybe the crawl through molten lava?) from geeky kid to (hopefully) less geeky grownup. It features not only her comic twenty-something self in Insta-worthy black-and-white cartoons, but also in full-color original backgrounds that take her illustrations to the next level. A bonus sheet of stickers completes the package. Sarah's Scribbles, by an introvert who loves cats, hates getting up, overthinks, under plans, and is conflicted about the Internet, is a truthful account of what becoming an adult is like IRL.