Say It Like You Mean It!: How to Use Affirmations and Declarations To Create the Life You Want
ISBN: 0615533957
EAN13: 9780615533957
Language: English
Pages: 134
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
You Can Change Your Brain Affirmations and declarations are powerful tools for personal change. They quite literally rewire the brain, allowing you to move toward that new you . Do you want to be more successful? Do you want to wake up every morning feeling happy and excited? Do you want to lose weight or make more money? In this book, Bennett, Bennett, and Wagner explain how to use affirmations and declarations to create a better life. Recent brain science sheds light on the brain's neuroplasticity: the physical brain can be rewired over time, literally changing who you are . But, how do you rewire the brain? Affirmations and declarations are two powerful tools to help your brain make this exciting change for the better. This also book explains common reasons why traditional advice about affirmations is ineffective, and why they are not really changing your brain. It also outlines the most effective ways to write and say your affirmations based on recent brain science. Also included is information on how to record your affirmations to create your very own self-hypnosis script. Bonus sections include the morning blitz, common questions and answers, and some effective sample weight loss declarations. Learn how to use affirmations and declarations for powerful change today