Science of Swimming Faster
ISBN: 0736095713
EAN13: 9780736095716
Language: English
Pages: 616
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Book Overview
In a sport where victory is often determined by a fraction of a second, it's obvious why one of the most sought-after secrets is how to swim faster. However, as the world's most renowned coaches, athletes, trainers, and researchers know, there is no secret--just science. Science of Swimming Faster is a remarkable achievement--one that embraces, explains, and applies the latest science and research that has and continues to set new performance benchmarks in the sport. It is a one-of-a-kind resource: - An easily understood repository of swimming research - Insights distilled from great sport and exercise scientists, coaches, and swimmers - A do-it-right reference for a host of techniques and tactics - The most credible and widely used training principles and programs - An analysis identifying key factors contributing to elite and world-record swimming performance - An insider's access to the strategies for training, tapering, fueling, recovery, and mental preparation being used with some of the world's most successful swimmers. With editors Scott Riewald and Scott Rodeo and a who's-who list of international experts on the sport, Science of Swimming Faster offers you an unprecedented wealth of advanced yet accessible information on excelling in the sport.