Scripture Windows: Toward a Practice of Bibliodrama
ISBN: 1934730750
EAN13: 9781934730751
Language: English
Pages: 250
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Scripture Windows: Toward a Practice of Bibliodrama

Book Overview
Scripture Windows provides step-by-step exercises that introduce educators, lay people, and men and women of the pulpit to a revolutionary way of involving individuals in the study of sacred stories. In this carefully designed guide to the practice of Bibliodrama, students of all faiths learn how to step into the Biblical text and create midrash as a process of improvisation. Scripture Windows represents a distillation of a process of biblical study and is the official how to manual used at the Institute for Contemporary Midrash training seminars. Scripture Windows will appeal to those interested in the application of dramatic methods to the teaching of Bible-as well as anyone seeking fresh approaches to the teaching of Bible to students young and old.