Self and Process: Brain States and the Conscious Present
ISBN: 1461278104
EAN13: 9781461278108
Language: English
Pages: 201
Edition: 1991
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Self and Process: Brain States and the Conscious Present

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Book Overview
Every step forward, in life and in thought, is a return to a beginning in that it empties that much more the plan by which the journey is directed. The journey that began this work was with the recondite lore of aphasia. This early work led to a psychology of language, perception, action, and feeling based on the principle of microgenesis. This psychology and its corre- sponding brain process are detailed in my book, Life of the Mind, a vade mecum for the ideas that are developed further in this work. Now this psychology, a single thought exposed at progressively deeper levels, is extended to the problems of time awareness, consciousness and the nature of the self. It is astonishing, is it not, that an aphasic error, a slip of the tongue, can be a peephole on some of the ultimate mysteries of life? Over the last few years I have had the occasion to present portions of this work at various conferences and to different audiences, and have found, to my dismay, that the theory is often difficult for many to grasp.