Semiconductor Process Reliability in Practice
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Semiconductor Process Reliability in Practice

Book Overview
Proven processes for ensuring semiconductor device reliability Co-written by experts in the field, Semiconductor Process Reliability in Practice contains detailed descriptions and analyses of reliability and qualification for semiconductor device manufacturing and discusses the underlying physics and theory. The book covers initial specification definition, test structure design, analysis of test structure data, and final qualification of the process. Real-world examples of test structure designs to qualify front-end-of-line devices and back-end-of-line interconnects are provided in this practical, comprehensive guide. Coverage includes: Basic device physics Process flow for MOS manufacturing Measurements useful for device reliability characterization Hot carrier injection Gate-oxide integrity (GOI) and time-dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) Negative bias temperature instability Plasma-induced damage Electrostatic discharge protection of integrated circuits Electromigration Stress migration Intermetal dielectric breakdown