Shine of the Silver Dragon
ISBN: 133826365X
EAN13: 9781338263657
Language: English
Pages: 96
Format: Paperback

Shine of the Silver Dragon

Book #11 in the Dragon Masters Series
Book Overview
The wizard Maldred plans to use Diego to steal the two keys necessary to control the Naga, an enormous dragon that lives deep within the Earth. The first key is guarded by Argent, the silver dragon, and his dragon master Jean. Drake, Bo, Carlos, and their dragons travel to Gallia to try and stop the theft and save Diego. Illustrations.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover The dark wizard Maldred is back! This time, he wants to steal a powerful key from a Silver Dragon named Argent. Drake and his friends will need to find the dragon before Maldred does . . . But will Argent's Dragon Master, Jean, get in their way? Can Drake keep the key from falling into the wrong hands?