Sidekick: A Pregnancy Field Guide for Dudes
ISBN: 0999822519
EAN13: 9780999822517
Language: English
Pages: 142
Format: Paperback

Sidekick: A Pregnancy Field Guide for Dudes

Book Overview
You picked up this book because you are now-- or soon will be -- living with a pregnant woman. The title, Dad, will make you a superhero. But it's only possible because a woman in your life goes through hell first. This book will make you a support champion. Because you, my man, are the sidekick. A sidekick knows there is more to the first trimester than ginger ale. A sidekick knows where they fit into a baby shower. Most importantly, a sidekick has a plan to get his hero's favorite tacos in any situation. Packed with practical tips, and over 20 illustrations, this book is the perfect guide to help men thrive during pregnancy.