Solving Cyber Risk: Protecting Your Company and Society
ISBN: 1119490936
EAN13: 9781119490937
Language: English
Pages: 384
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Solving Cyber Risk: Protecting Your Company and Society

Book Overview
This book helps professionals understand one of the leading corporate and societal threats: cyber risk. It explains who is carrying out cyber attacks, why they are doing it, which types of companies are being attacked and why. It will help business executives determine whether their organization is susceptible, what types of attacks are most likely, and the most cost-effective methods of reducing risk. This book is a complete framework for assessing and quantifying cyber risk, using new techniques developed for the insurance industry. It uses statistical data and cost information blended with research regarding the culture, psychology and business models of the hacker community, and technical assessments of potential attack paths, technologies, and security techniques for protection. This provides an understanding of the cyber threat landscape, enables corporate assessment of Key Risk Indicators, and provides approaches to tracking future trends in cyber risk, all in a manner accessible to non-specialists. The authors distill a decade of research, applying risk management approaches to cyber security to safeguard organizations.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover THE ONE BOOK HACKERS DON'T WANT YOU TO READ Solving Cyber Risk enables you to accurately assess cyber risk at your organization and develop a cost-appropriate plan for top- tier cybersecurity. From the leading-edge minds behind the most popular cyber risk model in the insurance industry, this authoritative work shares the wisdom mined from a decade's worth of research into the culture, psychology, and profit models of hackers. Through a powerful, scalable framework, any size organization can effectively manage the likelihood and consequences of cyber attacks within any size budget. Step-by-step guidance to data-backed approaches and techniques empower you to: Measure and assess the five most expensive and damaging causes of cyber loss Understand the motivations, capabilities, and techniques behind the seven most common types of hackers Apply the same due diligence and expertise to defending against cyber attacks as the best in the business Whether you need to update your cyber risk protocols or create a cutting-edge security plan from scratch, Solving Cyber Risk is your complete blueprint to protecting your digital assets from criminals.
From the front Cover Cyber risk is a top priority if you're in business today. The digital economy requires companies to safeguard a wealth of sensitive information that can make hackers a fortune and ruin both a business and victims' lives. Solving Cyber Risk demystifies the threat of cyber attacks and guides you in implementing the most cost- effective methods of reducing risk. In this practical, non-technical guidebook, three global thought leaders on cyber risk show you how to use risk management principles to lock down your cyber security. Written specifically for business professionals and policy-makers, this single resource covers everything from the fundamentals of cyber crime to the roles of information security officers and risk managers. Improve your cyber resilience by using this powerful guide to: Assess the latest vulnerabilities in software, industrial control systems and devices Gain an understanding of the regulatory and legal landscape and law-enforcement processes Make informed decisions about the costs and benefits of cyber resilient strategies, including key trends in cyber insurance Avoiding cyber attacks isn't an option-- prepare to protect yourself and your clients with Solving Cyber Risk .