Something on My Mind: Poems
ISBN: 1434319989
EAN13: 9781434319982
Language: English
Pages: 112
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Authorhouse
Book Overview
Something On My Mind is a collection of poems written throughout different stages of my spiritual journey, called life. The poems reflect on creative thought and organized ideas recomposed to tell the truth. Most of my thoughts were put into words to tell an imaginative, yet real story. The poems are about love, life, friendships, and God. Some of the poems are abstract reality. This is my first published book. The poems are unique because they were written from the heart and soul, and reflect on the life of a young African American woman who has persevered through many hardships that life has to offer. Her faith in God has helped her to become what she is today. She considers herself a strong, and independent black woman. She is proud to be a Christian. She sees the good in people and the beauty of life and nature. She wants everyone to be blessed because she is blessed. She is a positive thinker. Her life is poetry and music. The poems can be interpreted as hip hop rhyme, songs, short stories or whatever your mind can create. These poems were written for everyone to enjoy. Personal relationships attributed to the inspiration. After reading this book, I hope to leave the reader intrigued, entertained, and empowered.