Success Cybernetics
ISBN: 1607966093
EAN13: 9781607966098
Language: English
Pages: 258
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Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Success Cybernetics: Practical applications of human cybernetics. Here's a wonderful new system of self-development based upon the most recent discoveries of the brain sciences and their close relationship to the computer sciences. In this book, U.S. Andersen shows you how your brain and nervous system are under the automatic control of your Mental Computer and gives you scores of computer instruction techniques for programming this mental computer to automatically to increase your skills and performance in any area you choose. Just as a computer can be programmed, you, too, can rapidly program a guidance system and a power mechanism into your brain and nervous system-and quickly combine the two into an automatic data processing unit that instantly emits spontaneous success responses to all outside problems. Cramming his book full of true case histories from his own experience in training people, U.S.Andersen gives you a unique approach to solving all your problems, handling people more easily and building automatic success habits into your life through mental programming.