ISBN: 1546278508
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Language: English
Pages: 260
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Book Overview
The average American considers the following to be minimum standards of living: no. 1-air conditioning, no. 2-hot running water, no. 3-an iPhone. Most people on the planet do not enjoy these extravagances. My hope for every American is to work outside the United States with non-Americans for one year before they are thirty years old. In this manner, one truly understands that Americans are different, not necessarily in a good way. Who is the one nation in the history of the world to unleash nuclear weapons on other humans? Sure there were reasons, but all media and political quibbling aside, only one country in the history of the world has dropped nuclear bombs on other human beings. Other people's goal is to live just like the American's. They will catch up, or we will fall behind. With luxury comes responsibility. They go hand in hand. Please open your mind, relax, and enjoy my story.