Tails Don't Lie: A Decade of Dog Cartoons (70 in Dog Years)
ISBN: 1550175998
EAN13: 9781550175998
Language: English
Pages: 128
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback

Tails Don't Lie: A Decade of Dog Cartoons (70 in Dog Years)

Book Overview
Dogs are tops--35 percent of Canadian households include at least one canine--and anyone who's been owned by one (yes, that's right) will tell you why: we share in each other's joy and pain; they cheer us up when we're blue; they strive to please us and are indispensable workers, serving us even at their peril; we pamper and play with them, train them and take them for walks (actually, they take us); they sleep in our beds; sit on our laps; and if we let them they will follow us to the ends of the earth. But do we really know what they think? This collection is for anyone who has ever wondered what constitutes dog breath to a dog, the real reason why dogs hate doggie coats, or why they replaced woolly mammoths as man's best friend. The answer to the last question is that dogs shed slightly less. But for other profound, hilarious and sometimes poignant observations, like why dogs shouldn't open restaurants, or what would happen if a dog actually caught a car, readers need look no further than Tails Don't Lie --the best of Adrian Raeside's dog cartoons.