Teachings from the Heart: Introduction to the Dharma
ISBN: 0898002796
EAN13: 9780898002799
Language: English
Pages: 280
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Teachings from the Heart: Introduction to the Dharma

Book Overview
The fruits of 25 years of introducing the Dharma in the West, these 33 essays integrate the timeless wisdom of the Buddhist teachings into the familiar context of life and work. Drawn from book introductions, interviews, and previously unpublished articles, they introduce central elements of the Buddhist path and offer instruction in meditation, harmonizing body and mind, and transforming work into a means of realization. This book shows how to bring forth the beauty and joy inherent in mind and offers ways to enrich life with love and compassion. It speaks to everyone interested in a happier life, a more peaceful world, and a healthier environment now and for future generations. Includes information on the purpose of the Odiyan Mandala and prayer wheels.