Technological Issues in Broadcast Education: Critical Challenges
ISBN: 0275975215
EAN13: 9780275975210
Language: English
Pages: 240
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Technological Issues in Broadcast Education: Critical Challenges

Book Overview
The broadcasting industry's ongoing transition to digital technology raises significant questions for higher education, ones relating to appropriate curriculum design, the teacher/student relationship, legal issues, media convergence, and funding. This new collection of essays offers guidance to faculty, administrators, and scholars alike, offering innovative ideas on ways in which programs can excel in each area. In so doing, Technological Issues in Broadcast Education illuminates the educational settings that have been created and enhanced by the emergence of new broadcast-related technologies as well as the impact of these technologies on the missions of broadcasting programs. Subjects covered in the volume include the digital revolution, curriculum revisions, online learning, gender considerations, learning beyond the classroom, and international models of broadcasting curricula. At the same time that emphasis is placed on the challenges posed by new technologies, careful attention is given to the importance of educators' continuing to emphasize the traditional academic skills of writing, interpersonal communication, and analysis. In this way, editors Jerry Donnelly and Joseph R. Blaney offer offers a unique roadmap to educators charged with shaping broadcasting programs in light of new technology.