THE 4 REALITIES OF SUCCESS DURING and AFTER COLLEGE: For College Students, Recent Grads and Young Adults
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THE 4 REALITIES OF SUCCESS DURING and AFTER COLLEGE: For College Students, Recent Grads and Young Adults

Book Overview
People are more successful in life when they get off to a great start. You will have an early advantage over the competition when you follow the principles within this practical book and apply them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and a positive attitude. Many highly intelligent young adults fall short of their potential because they don't address The 4 Realities: 1. You Can Be More Successful In College 2. It Takes An Effective Job Search To Land The Job You Want 3. You Can Be More Effective In Your Fist Job 4. Life On Your Own Shouldn't Be A Rude Awakening Most students would like to do their best in college but receive little guidance and are left to their own devices. We'll show you how to develop and carry out a plan of action that will boost your grades, greatly expand your resume and make you more attractive to potential employers and Graduate Schools. Finding a job is an experience for which most students are unprepared. They don't know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to differentiate themselves from other students and don't know how to prepare. This book has the answers to the questions that every student must ask and answer if he/she plans to conduct an effective job search. The way you perform in your first job can positively or negatively affect your career. Making a good first impression and knowing exactly what your employer wants from you can make all of the difference. If you want to get ahead of the learning curve and stay there, you will find some great advice and suggestions in this section. As young adults leave home to go out to live on their own for the first time, there is a great deal of information they must absorb in order to avoid the misstepsthat can ruin the experience. People who live independently must be ready for everything that comes their way. We'll shine a light on the things you are likely to encounter and show you how to deal with them. Lastly, this is not a boring text. It is a useful guide that is chock full of practical advice, interesting stories, reality statements and inspirational quotes that help to drive home the salient points.