The Art of Snowboarding: Kickers, Carving, Half-Pipe, and More
ISBN: 0071456880
EAN13: 9780071456883
Language: English
Pages: 153
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Format: Paperback

The Art of Snowboarding: Kickers, Carving, Half-Pipe, and More

Book Overview
The premier guide to modern riding, from one of the sport's best coaches. --Tim Windell, two-time World Cup co-champion In The Art of Snowboarding , USSA-certified club coach Jim Smith introduces you to the most popular tricks and stunts, including kickers (jumps) and other freestyle and half-pipe techniques, and stunts on rails and wood. He gives special emphasis to proper stance and turning techniques as the basis for more advanced moves. Time-lapse photographs demonstrate every step of every trick and technique, and dozens of additional photos show you the form of some of the country's best riders.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Let a snowboarding pro show you how to grab some air and get tricky on your board The Art of Snowboarding shows you everything you need to know about mastering jumps and lumber on the mountain or riding the rails and pipes of terrain parks. Writing for boarders of all ages, professional coach Jim Smith breaks it down with his progressive snowboarding teaching method, taking you from the fundamentals to more challenging tricks and giving you innovative ways to push the limits of your skills and create your own style on the slopes. A virtual slide show, this book is fully illustrated with stop-action photos that reveal each key stage of every trick, from the basic ollie to advanced kickers, rails, airs, and impressive half-pipe rides. With helpful tips on staying safe, choosing gear, and cross-training with skateboards in the off-season, you'll learn how to: Master the fundamentals of setup, stance, and turning Perfect your kicker skills for jumps small and large Conquer the rails of terrain parks Use felled trees and stumps to your advantage And ride any size pipe like a professional airdog