The Awakening of Navi Septa Book Three: The Swarm of Bees
ISBN: 1906628335
EAN13: 9781906628338
Language: English
Pages: 318
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Format: Paperback

The Awakening of Navi Septa Book Three: The Swarm of Bees

Book Overview
'To free Teletsia won't be easy. If it comes to war, the present rulers' weapons are better than ours and their warships more advanced. Nevertheless there may be ways we can fight them.'.... This book shows how, if one is in total harmony with the all-pervading power at the basis of creation, one can achieve a surprising amount in the most unexpected ways. But humans always have free will, and can go any which way..... It is now five years since the young people ran away from their country. They have grown up and become wiser, and are now strong both as fighters and on a subtler level. They want to return and free their homeland, with the help of the many friends they have made on their travels. However, there is a serious and unforeseen problem..... This book is the conclusion of The Awakening of Navi Septa, an allegory of a great life journey we can all take. Hopefully, as you make that journey with our heroes, you will laugh, cry, face horrible dangers, and find many types of love and fulfilment with them.