The Beginning Of The Beginner
ISBN: 1439224714
EAN13: 9781439224717
Language: English
Pages: 168
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback

The Beginning Of The Beginner

Book Overview
If you are looking for practicality, in a friendly, effective, easy to use typing book look no further, The Beginning of the Beginner is the typing book you want. Skillfully designed in all its parts it's the first book of its kind to be engineered for the typing needs of a six year old child or a sixty year old adult. The Beginning of the Beginner is excellent for teaching yourself typing in the privacy of your own home or for learning typing in the context of a typing course in the collective environment of a classroom. In this innovating, advanced, modern typing book you will immediately start practicing on real, complete words, rather than go through months of practicing just on plain letters and signs. The Beginning of the Beginner includes: * A complete explanatory scheme of the 4 letter word only typing system which it is mostly based on; * Helpful figures to visually demonstrate tips that will ease your initial approach to typing; * An exclusive explanation of the rhythm and the rhythmical typing technique that the concept of this book is based on; * An introduction of the keyboard and its relative exercises on the three rows; * 26 progressive lessons that contains the bulk of the exercises; * An explanation of all the grammatical signs located on the number row and a table with an explanation of the roman numerals; * A brief history of the evolution of the type writer through the centuries. The Beginning of the Beginner re-energizes the joy in typing.