The Big Book of Irony
ISBN: 1250029716
EAN13: 9781250029713
Language: English
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback

The Big Book of Irony

Book Overview
Jon Winokur defines and classifies irony and contrasts it with coincidence and cynicism, and other oft-confused concepts that many think are ironic. He looks at the different forms irony can take, from an irony deficiency to visual irony to an understatement, using photographs and relate-able examples from pop culture. * Irony in Action looks at irony in language, both verbal and visual, while Bastions of Irony and Masters of Irony look at institutions and individuals steeped in irony, though not always intentionally. PLUS: * The Annals of Irony looks at irony, and its lack thereof, throughout history. A delight for anyone with a smart, dark sense of humor.