The College Student's Companion
ISBN: 1456799851
EAN13: 9781456799854
Language: English
Pages: 120
Format: Paperback

The College Student's Companion

Book Overview
The College Student's Companion is the student guidebook that accompanies The Job Identification Machine, a system that colleges use to identify hundreds of employment opportunities for students and alumni. Parents and students know that concerned colleges offer their students two things: 1. An Excellent Education - The Learning Environment - The Learning Experience - Caring and Enthusiastic Faculty and Staff 2. Exceptional Help In Landing A Good Job - A Plan of Action - Job Search Preparation - Job-Related Work Experience - Job Identification This book exists to help students learn what they should do to: 1. Identify and have access to many more employment opportunities 2. Become better prepared for their senior year job search Students need to understand that nobody achieves success, prosperity or victory by waiting for others to do it for them. Ultimately, our own words, actions and accomplishments will determine our futures. To prevent failure, we must put in the time, do the grunt work, get prepared and carry out our plan with all of the energy, know-how and skill we can muster. Whatever our future brings, good or bad, we will have earned it ourselves.