The Customer Revolution in Healthcare: Delivering Kinder, Smarter, Affordable Care for All
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The Customer Revolution in Healthcare: Delivering Kinder, Smarter, Affordable Care for All

Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover This book delivers keen insights from one of the most experienced minds in American healthcare. David W. Johnson offers a penetrating analysis of today's crisis, and tells us exactly what needs to be done to liberate our innovative potential for better patient care. -- Toby Cosgrove , MD, executive advisor and former president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Johnson offers powerful direction to anyone looking to disrupt the healthcare system. -- Clayton Christensen , Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and bestselling author of The Innovator's Dilemma David Johnson pushes the provocative boundaries of our industry's reality in ways that bring new thinking into sharp focus. His undying effort to help leaders see the long game and take action is exactly the wake-up call we need. -- Julie Murchison , CEO of Health Evolutions This lively read provocatively and comprehensively diagnoses the 'sickness system' with its own chronic disease and outlines how it must heal itself in order to heal everyone else. But it's his conclusion that holds the real prognosis--the notion of a moral imperative that should serve as the system's north star toward healthcare emancipation. -- Patrick Geraghty , president and CEO of GuideWell and Florida Blue As a former governor, head of HHS, and founder of Leavitt Partners, I know what works and what doesn't in the public and private healthcare sectors. Dave Johnson gets it, too. The Customer Revolution in Healthcare is calling you to meet him at the intersection of market-based reforms and appropriate public policy. -- Mike Leavitt, former Governor of Utah, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Secretary of Health and Human Services By any measure, healthcare falls short for patients. In The Customer Revolution in Healthcare, Johnson lays out an aggressive plan to get all the arrows pointing in the right direction for all patients. -- Dana Safran , Chief Performance Measurement Officer of Haven Dave Johnson brings a refreshing, necessary, and sometime contrarian point of view on how the healthcare industry and healthcare leaders will need to think about and act to respond to our challenges and our deficiencies. It is a breath of fresh air. -- James Hereford , president and CEO of Fairview Health Healthcare innovators desperately want to simplify health, bring care closer to the community, and transform the future. The Customer Revolution in Healthcare is a road map for that journey. -- Amy Compton-Phillips , MD, EVP and Chief Clinical Officer of Providence St. Joseph Health Successful delivery of value in today's competitive environment demands that we have a sound understanding of healthcare finance. This book is the single source necessary to deepen leaders' knowledge of the complicated world of healthcare economics. In it, Johnson delivers a crisp review of how to unlock the complexities of the financial and economic issues facing this industry. -- James Merlino , MD, Chief Transformation Officer of Press Ganey and author of Service Fanatics If we truly want to change healthcare, we need to change how actual patients get actual care. We need to restore the humanity in healthcare. Dave Johnson's new book gives us a path to do so by recentering around the person/consumer. Listen to Johnson and take his message to heart. -- Rushika Fernandopoule , MD, cofounder and CEO of Iora Health In The Customer Revolution in Healthcare , Johnson paints a stark picture of a healthcare system that fails to deliver the access, quality, and value that we ought to be getting from it. He highlights the crucial role that better-aligned incentives can play in building a better system. -- Katherine Baicker , dean of the Harris School of Public Policy of the University of Chicago Policy is the lever that controls healthcare markets. In The Customer Revolution in Healthcare , Dave Johnson calls on us to move that lever in a new direction to encourage market-based reforms that will better serve the needs of patients. -- David Durenberger , former Senator of Minnesota Dave recognizes that healthcare is about empowering people to achieve their best health. His clarity of vision, supported by his deep understanding of the future that is already here, comes together in his book, a must-read for students of healthcare strategy. -- Nancy Kane , PhD, professor of management in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Harvard School of Public Health We cannot improve the health of the population unless they are engaged fully in the effort with us. Dave Johnson has given everyone a road map for this engagement with all the signposts, directions, and barriers clearly visible. Do we have the courage to go down this road together--providers, payers, and patients? I, for one, am ready for the journey, and kudos to Johnson for his ability to lead us there. -- David B. Nash , MD, founding dean emeritus at Jefferson College of Population Health The Customer Revolution in Healthcare aligns with AdventHealth's promise to consumers that we will help them 'feel whole'--providing care to the whole person in mind, body, and spirit. Dave Johnson's manifesto points out the need for much stronger consumer advocacy, better provider coordination, and new financial solutions to better meet their needs. -- Terry Shaw , president and CEO of AdventHealth In this book, Johnson calls out how different sectors of the healthcare market contribute to our broken system. But he also outlines ways we can transform the industry to deliver better care at a lower cost that consumers want. -- Craig Sammit, MD, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota As a health system CEO and cancer survivor, I have a unique perspective and see the business through the customer's eyes. In this book, Dave Johnson shines a light on all those dark corners we don't like to look at. He points us to the uncomfortable conversion we all must make for the healthcare system to respond to this evolving reinvention of an industry. For those of us who have a passion for transforming healthcare, Dave Johnson's book provides a candid overview of the challenges we've long admired and a pragmatic road map to a much-needed evolution of our industry. -- Peter Fine , president and CEO of Banner Health Johnson calls us out on the false choice of restricted care access or unconstrained cost growth. The questions he raises seem revolutionary, but shouldn't be. In his vision of a transformed healthcare delivery system, data is free from clinical, operational, and financial siloes. It flows to frontline clinicians, powered by AI capabilities, so caregivers can focus on patients. That flow will fuel the customer revolution. -- Mudit Garg , founder and CEO of Qventus I've seen the lack of true consumer involvement in the healthcare system as one of its major flaws. In this book, Johnson lays out how an industry that has historically struggled to identify its true customer could revolutionize itself with new attitudes, structures, and regulations. It calls out many longstanding practices that need to change. It's a must-read for policymakers and industry insiders alike. -- Joseph J. Fifer , CPA, president and CEO of HFMA The market is moving toward consumerism and value. Every single person working in healthcare, either directly providing care or in the back office, has an opportunity and an obligation to do it better. Dave understands that consumerism and value are not just the latest trends; they are the driving force for meaningful change. -- Marc Harrison , MD, president and CEO of Intermountain Healthcare Some problems are so enormous and multidimensional that they are hard to grasp, and competing interests, money, and politics make solutions seem unattainable. Johnson provides clarity around the fundamental flaws within the U.S. healthcare system, and the revolutionary forces that have been unleashed that might just fix it. His book shows the negative historical forces that brought us here, but it is also full of hope. This optimism is based on the moral imperative for each of us to participate in the customer revolution happening in healthcare today. -- Lyric Hughes Hale , editor in chief of EconVue We won't solve healthcare's massive problems without revolutionary change. In his book, Dave Johnson destroys the old paradigm in favor of a vision that is as bold as it is freeing and as practical as it is imminent. -- Dave Sabey , chairman and president of Sabey Corporation David Johnson's The Customer Revolution in Healthcare provides a sharp diagnosis of the causes of healthcare's high costs and fragmentation, along with a strong prescription for a new system that is structured and financed based on changing consumer needs. -- Kenneth Kauffman , chair of Kauffman Hall U.S. healthcare is a system in name only. Dave Johnson not only frames the entrenched interests frustrating consumers with costly administrative friction, he compellingly articulates a customer-centered solution. His latest book should be required reading for understanding a when, not if, revolution that will transform U.S. health and care. -- Don Trigg , EVP of strategic growth at Cerner Corporation These aren't preachy or puritanical prognostications of where healthcare should go, but a leading thinker giving a deep analysis of the forces at work that will drive and shape the healthcare of the future. -- Paul Kusserow , president and CEO of Amedisys Our traditional healthcare system serves no one well. The future will be clinician-led and patient-centered. The power of Johnson's new book is the clarity he brings to why and how this shift will happen: suddenly and sooner than many believe. -- Ronald A. Paulus , MD, president and CEO of Mission Health Johnson discusses how we need to broaden our thinking about where care is delivered to better serve customers at different points in their health and wellness journey. In The Customer Revolution in Healthcare , Johnson outlines ways to think differently about the physical assets in our healthcare system and calls for breaking down barriers that separate industry stakeholders. Johnson challenges us to think and act smarter in order to improve health outcomes and drive down costs. We need to take his advice. -- Thomas J. Derosa , CEO and director of Welltower The Consumer Revolution in Healthcare builds upon Dave Johnson's deep industry insights to highlight the transformative power of consumerism on the health system, sharing strategic insights for market innovation and regulatory advancement, to deliver better results for all. -- Amir Dan Rubin, president and CEO of One Medical Everyone in healthcare knows we need bold change. Dave Johnson is calling for a revolution, one that starts with customers and grows to include consumers. Healthcare organizations aren't embracing risk, value, and consumerism will be out of step with the accelerating evolution that's upon us. -- Bert Zimmerli, CPA, EVP and CFO of Intermountain Healthcare Few understand healthcare dysfunction as well as Dave Johnson, so his description of a customer-driven revolution is a wonderful blend of vision, insight, realism, and optimism. It helps outline a positive path forward for all the major stakeholders in healthcare. -- Thomas H. Lee , MD, Chief Medical Officer of Press Ganey and author of An Epidemic of Empathy in Healthcare Dave Johnson thrives at the nearly impossible task of breaking down healthcare's complexities to an everyday reader. In total, those complexities represent the next great threat to public health--financial toxicity. Johnson focuses on solutions and a road map to better healthcare and better health. -- Marty Makary , MD, author of The Price We Pay Healthcare is at yet another inflection point. As Dave Johnson so clearly lays out, innovation in care delivery, information technology, and payments can revolutionize our healthcare economy. At the center of it all, Dave's book appropriately argues that empowering the relationship between the patient and the provider is what we need to focus on to 'fix' healthcare in the U.S. -- Robert J. Fraiman, Jr., president of Cain Brothers, a division of KeyBanc Capital Markets David is an unusually and almost uniquely gifted thinker regarding the evolving healthcare system and healthcare policies. We strongly recommend this book. His ideas are wonderful. -- Scott Becker , founder and publisher of Becker's Healthcare Dave is clearly at the forefront of the impending customer revolution in our industry. His latest book is refreshing, laying out ideas to help for-profit and nonprofit health systems redesign our business models. Dave highlights how we need to focus on outpatient care and medical research that identifies the population health needs of our communities. -- Michael Ugwueke , president and CEO of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Dave Johnson's The Customer Revolution in Healthcare is a virtual encyclopedia of what's wrong in healthcare. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for areas of unmet need, an industry executive looking for ways to improve the health consumer experience, or anyone interested in the future of healthcare, this book is a must-read. -- Steve Collens , CEO of MATTER The United States has always been the land of opportunity and innovation. As David Johnson points out in The Customer Revolution in Healthcare , the time has come to rise up and seize the opportunity for innovation in healthcare. David's voice is one of calm, reason, research, experience, logic and optimism. Whether we choose to listen is up to us, the customer. As with most successful revolutions, the power ultimately is in the hands of the people. David eloquently shows us how true that is in a system that is broken, not self-correcting, and in need of repair. A must read for all of us, the customers of the current healthcare system. -- Rich Sheridan , CEO and Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations In The Customer Revolution in Healthcare , David Johnson offers a fresh and insightful look at the bloated, underperforming health system in the United States today. The problem is not insufficient spending. Instead, perverse incentives and bad regulations leave almost everyone--patients, doctors, administrators--dissatisfied, even while a few milk the system. Johnson argues persuasively that Americans can get better healthcare even while spending far less and tells us how. This is an important, readable book that should change the dialogue on healthcare. -- Raghuram Rajan , PhD, Katherine Dusak Miller Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago David Johnson's clear-eyed jeremiad exposing the flawed incentives driving our healthcare costs skyward, offers a pragmatic approach based on fixed budgets and stringent regulations, an approach that can lower spending while improving the patient experience. -- Merrill Goozner , editor emeritus of Modern Healthcare Health systems' potential for innovation is limitless. This book delivers a must-read road map for those interested in driving and participating in this innovation. -- Eric Langshur , cofounder and managing partner of Abundant Venture Partners With deep understanding and appreciation for the underlying economics and politics, Dave Johnson describes the transformation happening now in healthcare: from full-risk contracting to lean hospitals, sophisticated employers, and retail healthcare, Dave paints an optimistic future of a dynamic, efficient, customer-focused healthcare ecosystem. -- Robert G. Hansen , Norman W. Martin 1925 Professor of Business Administration at the Tuck School of Dartmouth College