The Dolphin Law: A Short Story
ISBN: 1491811803
EAN13: 9781491811801
Language: English
Pages: 108
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
The Dolphin Law is a mythology. It tells the story of the bonding of a woman and a dolphin mother in time of crisis. It is about a mother's love and the willingness to do whatever is needed to protect her child. It is a short story that is a gripping adventure for young children, a lesson to teens about what it means to grow up, and a call to all humans to accept our responsibility to care for our magnificent oceans and all sea life that composes three fourths of the surface of our planet. We are definitely not alone and it will take all of us to survive. The question is - Are dolphins the humans of the sea, or are humans the dolphins of the land? As the old Hawaiian greeting says, Aloha, May we share the breath of love and welcome.