The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave
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The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave

Book Overview
Moving to a Subscription Business Model Can Be Hugely Lucrative--But Also Quite Risky. Bestselling Author Robbie Baxter Offers a Step-by-Step Blueprint to Improve Your Odds of Success Everyone wants to build a business based on the long-term relationship with the customer, but few businesses know exactly how to do it. In The Forever Transaction, Robbie Kellman Baxter tells you how to make the vision a reality. Whether you call it membership, subscription, or true customer-centricity, The Forever Transaction is the handbook you need for making it happen. Inside, you'll receive not just the inspiration, but also the tools and insight you need to take action in your own business, no matter what industry you're in. Baxter has unparalleled breadth of knowledge, working with a huge range of organizations in charting their strategies to 'forever' relationships. Here she identifies and shares her experiences, along with actionable steps for success. Yes, starting a subscription business is inherently risky, especially if you're an established company built on a transactional model. It requires transformation in every area of your business. But more and more companies are realizing that the potential rewards outweigh potential downfalls. Perhaps yours is one of them. And as long as you know the lay of the land starting out, you can make the right decision for you and go on to achieve long term success. The Forever Transaction reveals how companies like Under Armour, Microsoft, and Netflix have managed to build a growing customer base of loyal subscribers--and keep them coming back. It takes you through every step of the process--from initial start-up to new product testing to scaling the operation for long-term growth and sustainability to revamping your culture so that everyone works together to optimize customer lifetime value. It covers all the essentials like subscription pricing, Software-as-a-Service, digital community engagement, and freemium incentives as a way to turn casual browsers into cash-paying superusers. The Forever Transaction also features first-hand insights into subscription superstars like Amazon, eBay, and Target. Most importantly, it shows you how to build lasting relationships with your customers that are the very foundation of business success--today, tomorrow, and forever.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover The future belongs to businesses who transform their interactions with customers from mere transactions to meaningful engagements that create long-term fans. Robbie Baxter is an expert guide to this powerful business model. Read this book and start transforming your business now! -- Chris Capossela , Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Microsoft The rise of the cloud and mobile technologies, combined with the declining cost of storage, has led to new competitors in every industry. Choosing the right metrics makes all the difference and retention is now one of the most important. Robbie can show you how to establish a forever transaction with your customers. -- Sarah Friar , Chief Executive Officer, Nextdoor, Board Director of Walmart and Slack The Forever Transaction is an essential read for any business seeking to leverage the power of subscriptions to engage and retain customers. -- Nir Eyal , bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable Member-centricity is the core of successful associations and, increasingly, thriving companies. In The Forever Transaction , Robbie Baxter captures the techniques that Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, and others are using to build sustained customer relationships. Leaders of any membership organization can gain insight and practical tips from Robbie Baxter's book. -- John H. Graham IV , FASAE, CAE, Chief Executive Officer & President, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Baxter offers clear and actionable advice with a global perspective for any organization looking to improve customer lifetime value and grow a sustainable subscription business. -- Philip Lindqvist, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Distribution, Bonnier Broadcasting Recurring revenue is the holy grail, and Robbie Baxter is giving us the map to find it. Building on 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley and beyond, Baxter provides fresh case studies and practical tools to disruption-proof your organization. -- Charlene Li , bestselling author of The Disruption Mindset and Founder and Senior Fellow at Altimeter, a Prophet company Robbie's first book, The Membership Economy, became my company's North Star as we made the transition to a membership model. The guidance she provides in The Forever Transaction is equally as compelling, even visionary. If you're creating or running a subscription business, this is a great roadmap. -- McKeel Hagerty , Chief Executive Officer, Hagerty Group and Global Board Chairman Emeritus, YPO Companies that sell products to strangers aren't going to last long in this new subscription economy. This is an excellent playbook for any organization looking to launch a sustainable membership strategy. -- Tien Tzuo , Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Zuora and Bestselling Author of Subscribed If you're looking for a blueprint on how to succeed in the membership economy, this is it. Robbie Baxter has extensive knowledge of the subscription business model, and fortunately for entrepreneurs everywhere, she put it in writing. -- Nick Mehta , Chief Executive Officer, Gainsight The growing excitement for subscription-based business models is matched by the danger that poorly managed programs (and expectations) can be their downfall. Executives need clear advice backed by years of world-class experience in this domain, and no one can bring it better than Robbie Kellman Baxter. The Forever Transaction is the best, most indispensable set of best practices I've ever seen on building and sustaining a subscription-based business model. -- Peter S. Fader , Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of Customer Centricity and The Customer Centricity Playbook In the world of SaaS, subscription pricing is just the beginning. Baxter shares the secrets of how you keep your business model current and relevant for your subscribers. Baxter is a guru on subscription and membership models. She shares her pro-tips and her passion here about how to steer your business to the future. -- Zac Bookman , Chief Executive Officer, OpenGov Robbie has built a powerful practical guidebook to help companies thrive in the membership world. The Forever Transaction provides a framework to help transform your business, build customer loyalty and revenues for a lifetime. Masterfully done! -- Rajesh Ram , Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Egnyte When customers become community members, business is transformed. The Forever Transaction offers a an insider's perspective for making this shift in all kinds of organizations. This is the future of business, but you can get there today. -- Gina Bianchini , Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mighty Networks Read this book alongside The Membership Economy to discover the magic ingredients of long-term membership success. -- Tom Greene , Chief Operating Officer, Wizarding World Digital Subscription models are disrupting nearly every industry--don't be left behind. Robbie Baxter is the expert on how to start, scale and sustain forever transactions. The Forever Transaction provides the soup-to-nuts--and secret sauce--guide on how to attract and keep the best customers by tailoring a value-laden offering that meets their need while growing your business. -- Whitney Johnson , bestselling author of Disrupt Yourself . and Build An A Team Kudos to Baxter for another home-run book. She has a flair for breaking down complex business concepts into bite-size chunks. She shares real-world examples that de-mystify the technical aspects of membership-building, making it accessible to anyone. Whether you lead a company, association or nonprofit, this book is a must read if you want to thrive--not just survive-in today's Membership Economy. -- Leslie Crutchfield , bestselling author of How Change Happens and Executive Director of Business for Impact at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business Robbie's work is an essential blueprint for any company or organization looking to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. -- Mike Argon , Senior Vice President of Content, Twitch In this book, growth strategist Robbie Kellman Baxter teaches the most important business strategy of our time: creating enduring relationships with customers. Through accessible research and practical guides, The Forever Transaction takes the mystery out of what it takes to create a forever organization. -- Lisa Kay Solomon , bestselling coauthor of Moments of Impact and Design a Better Business , and Founding Chair of Transformational Practices and Designer in Residence at the Stanford d.School Subscriptions are all the rage these days, but to stand out and truly capitalize on their potential a business must start and end with a solid understanding of its customers. Baxter's excellent book shows you exactly how to do this, with fresh case studies and practical tools that spell out what it really takes to ensure that 'forever' is just that. -- Marco Bertini, Professor of Marketing ESADE Business School of Barcelona, Spain