The Gospel & Same-Sex Marriage
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Pages: 128
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Book Overview
Christian s should be known by what they arefor, not simply what they areagainst. The Bible is unambiguously clear about marriage s definition and purpose.So, Christians are for marriage.The Bible s witness on marriage doesn t allow for same-sex marriage, not because the Bible gives attention to same-sex marriage, but because the biblical narrative on marriage doesn t conceive of same-sex marriage as within the realm of possibility. Yet, many Christians live among neighbors and under law-makers who disagree. So, what now? Editors Russell Moore and Andrew T. Walker of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) assemble leading voices to frame the issues with a gospel-centered perspective.The Gospel for Lifeseries gives every believer a biblically-saturated understanding of the most urgent issues facing our culture today, because the gospel is for all of life.