The Jesus Heist: Recovering the Gospel from the Church
ISBN: 081923351X
EAN13: 9780819233516
Language: English
Pages: 208
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The Jesus Heist: Recovering the Gospel from the Church

Book Overview
- Provocative readings of biblical stories, with thoughts on what they are saying to the church - Listens for critique rather than support, encouraging us to hear Jesus fresh Inside the Church, we are constantly and consistently reading the gospels through the lens of supporting our own institution and structure. This prevents us from hearing the critique Jesus offered in his own day and his emphatic and persistent call to be and do differently now (Matthew 23:1-12). Stories that will be covered include Widow's Mite, Rich Young Ruler, Destruction of the Temple, Searching for the Lost Coin, Sower of the Seeds, Transfiguration, and the Great Commission. This book will flip the script of many Bible stories, allowing us to hear Jesus' call to change as one that is directed at us rather than as one we should direct toward others. Audience: Study groups, adult formation groups, laity, clergy