The Lifebelt: The Definitive Guide to Managing Customer Retention
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The Lifebelt: The Definitive Guide to Managing Customer Retention

Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover In a world where there is increasing choice for just about every kind of product and service, winning and holding the best customers is key to the success of any business. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a concept that senior managers in any kind of business ignore at their peril. At its heart is the successful management of customer retention by being customer-focused as an organization. The concept is not rocket science, but its implementation is more of a challenge. It involves a fundamental change within the organization. In this book, John Murphy introduces The Lifebelt - quite literally an aid to keeping afloat in this pressured environment. The Lifebelt is a framework that offers a practical way forward to integrating and mobilizing the entire oragnization toward a holistic CRM programme. The proprietary framework features six key factors identified as being essential for consistent delivery of service: customer focus, processes, employee involvement, training, measurement, and continuous improvement. John Murphy outlines how each of the factors should be owned by an appropriate member of the top management team. When this framework is systematically and effectively implemented and managed it will considerably enhance the customer retention capacity of the company. The logic of the framework applies to virtually all industries internationally. Managers and marketers across the board will find this book one of the most practical gudies to retaining customers published to date.
From the front Cover Most businesses depend on promotional gimmicks or special offers to retain customers, yet research provides compelling evidence that the most sustainable levels of customer loyalty and retention are achieved through consistency in service excellence delivery. The Customer Service Integration Framework - the Lifebelt - introduced in this book is based on four years of research examining the key factors essential for consistent delivery of service. Whilst many organizations have some good practices in place, most appear to lack synchronization of endeavour. The framework, which has been successfully applied in various industrial sectors, facilitates this essential synchronization and systemization.