The Machine God
ISBN: 1926959310
EAN13: 9781926959313
Language: English
Pages: 198
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Professor Oladel Adewole has lost tenure, and the beloved, much-younger sister he's raised has died. With no reason to stay, he leaves his homeland for the University of Eisenstadt. One thing makes his new life bearable: the island floating a mile above the city, his all-consuming interest for years. When a brilliant engineer makes it to the island in her new invention, the government sends Adewole up with its first survey team. The expedition finds civilization, and Adewole finds a powerful, forbidden fusion of magic and metal called the Machine God. The government wants it. So does a sociopath bent on ruling Eisenstadt. But when Adewole discovers who the mechanical creature is--and what it can do--he risks his heart and his life to protect the Machine God from the world, and the world from the Machine God. Raves and a 4.2 average on Goodreads Loved this book. I expected a fairly light weight fantasy/sci story, with a few rough edges. But this is a wonderful polished story. The world thats been created is detailed and believable: just enough extra background to suck you in Ms. Miranda packed a whole lot into just a few pages -- wry and pointed commentary on academic politics and the tensions between pure and applied research, the ethical implications of the quest for knowledge for its own sake, the public and private morality of holders of political and academic power, and yes, whether or not someone at some point actually managed to build a mecha so big and powerful that it could legitimately be referred to as a Machine God. Meilin Miranda writes a fascinating story about a person's search for the greater good. The Machine God is a story that I enjoyed thoroughly. I would recommend this story heartily for those wanting a well-nuanced storyline.-- Mihir Wanchu, Fantasy Book Critic blog