The Man Who: A Theatrical Research
ISBN: 0413771415
EAN13: 9780413771414
Language: English
Pages: 41
Format: Paperback

The Man Who: A Theatrical Research

Book Overview
A new work from Peter Brook - the contemporary theatre's greatest inventor Whatever the social and national barriers, we all have a brain and we think we know it. But, the moment we go inside, we find we are on another planet. Using Oliver Sacks' neurological study The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat as its inspiration, The Man Who offers a series of fascinating Doctor/Patient scenarios that examine our attempts to understand the workings of the brain. In turn, these case studies become Brook's starting point in his search for a new theatre form. Peter Brook is not only one of the truly outstanding directors of our time, he is also, undoubtedly, the only one whose skill as a writer equals his genius as a practitioner of the theatre - Martin Esslin