The Mathematical Theory Behind Backgammon
ISBN: 1420879391
EAN13: 9781420879391
Language: English
Pages: 64
Format: Paperback

The Mathematical Theory Behind Backgammon

Book Overview
Backgammon is a very interesting game to play with brothers and friends because this skill has two sides; first side, makes you feel very happy in your time like Superman when you become the winner. Second side, makes you feel in a disappointed situation and makes you unlucky when you lose. However, before the game finishes, maybe every thing changes like after a storm comes calm. Nobody knows the dice rules in the game. Indeed, it needs to have good manners from every player to keep his friend playing repeatedly. Whatever, It is a funny game by conflict without weapon in a good time on the table. The players' wisdom says, If you are the loser in Backgammon's game, you are the winner in love.