The Meta Pattern: The Ultimate Structure of Influence for Coaches, Hypnosis Practitioners, and Business Executives
ISBN: 1940254086
EAN13: 9781940254081
Language: English
Pages: 202
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Format: Paperback
Book Overview
The Meta Pattern is at the heart of all successful influence whether in therapy or business. This 4 step process is used unconsciously by the most effective communicators globally and can be found in every NLP change work pattern. Whether you want to be more influential as a hypnotist, coach, or business person the Meta Pattern gives you tools to be successful. This work by Carson and Carson dives deeply into the ultimate structure of influence providing you with multiple examples of how you can use it, how it relates to hypnosis, NLP, and business, and the neuroscience that supports this process. Once you understand the Meta Pattern your influence skills will grow exponentially and you will be able to work with anyone to create lasting positive change.