The Miracle of Real Forgiveness: Freeing Us To Love
ISBN: 0963305123
EAN13: 9780963305121
Language: English
Pages: 180
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
The practice of real forgiveness has a different purpose than what we have been familiar with. In the most direct and personal way, real forgiveness offers peace to both the giver and the receiver, dealing with the cause of all conflict, stress and fear. Forgiveness opens our mind to a way of thinking and seeing that is not dedicated to finding fault, thus freeing us to see a different world, one reflecting outwardly what we have chosen to experience within our mind's focus. As we each are willing to apply the grace of this practice, our forgiveness can have an increasingly powerful effect on the world of conflict we now perceive, bringing our own restored peace of mind as a Light that offers the same to all we encounter. Ultimately, real forgiveness leads us to the recognition within each of us of a Loving Presence that has never changed, but has been hidden in our awareness behind our present fearful judgments. Tom Carpenter has written this book to inspire the experience of this grace, as well as to help create a forgiveness network for any who wish to help extend this practice to the world. Comments: I think your book is starting a wildflower of joy. Richard Buckley If the intention of this book was to convey the real meaning of forgiveness, it was accomplished Larry McBride The Miracle of Real Forgiveness is just what I've been looking for-a comparatively brief statement of what 'A Course in Miracles' is-not as a substitute, but a guiding idea. Jess Smith I am on page 4 and feel happier already Suzanne McGregorr There has never been another book that explains the purpose of forgiveness as well as this book Joseph Giovannoni. The Miracle of Forgiveness is a winner. In fact, I think it may be the absolute best spiritual book I've ever read John Nagy