The Myth of the Fear of Rejection
ISBN: 1439245029
EAN13: 9781439245026
Language: English
Pages: 118
Format: Paperback

The Myth of the Fear of Rejection

Book Overview
You may know how to sell, but what if your current beliefs and attitudes are preventing you from closing? The decision to close after a presentation-or not-is influenced by specific thoughts that are deep in the sales professional's mind. These thoughts can limit, prevent, and even sabotage sales. Now, Mike Jackson, Founder and CEO of Progressive Insights Inc., helps you discover, understand, and move aside your mental blocks of closing. For ten years, Jackson interviewed and evaluated thousands of sales professionals and their managers about the mental blocks of closing. Jackson shares his ground-breaking findings and walks you through step-by-step exercises on how to bust through imagined fears and hidden beliefs about closing, leaving you empowered with new confidence and new skills that will catapult you to your highest level of achievement.