The Pope of Palm Beach
ISBN: 0062429264
EAN13: 9780062429261
Language: English
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover No one worships the Sunshine State as much as Serge. He and his permanently baked sidekick, Coleman, are on the road again. This time they're on a frenzied literary pilgrimage that leads them back to Riviera Beach, the cozy seaside town where the boys spent their formative years. Growing up, Serge was enthralled by the legend of Riviera Beach, aka Darby Pope, a welder at the port who surfed the local waves long before the hot spots were hot. A god on the water, the bighearted surfer was a friend to everyone and had a generosity of spirit that earned him the admiration of all. Meanwhile, a much murkier legend made the rounds of the schoolyards of Serge's youth--that of the crazy hermit living in a makeshift jungle compound farther up the mysterious Loxahatchee River than anyone dared to venture. Then Serge moved away. But he never forgot. Now he's back in town, with those legends looming larger than ever in the rearview mirror of his memory. As Serge digs into the past, he unintentionally disturbs some long-forgotten ground, attracting the attention of a cast of villains that only Florida could produce. And as the body count grows, so does the list of questions. When do you hack a motel air conditioner? How does Coleman get high with cat toys? And will book tours ever be the same after Serge decides to check one out?