The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible: Discoveries That Confirm the Reliability of Scripture
ISBN: 0736944850
EAN13: 9780736944854
Language: English
Publication Date: August 1, 2013
Pages: 432
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Format: Hardcover
Book Overview
From two leading Christian apologists, here is a fascinating survey of the most important Old and New Testament archaeological discoveries through the ages. Biblical archaeology has always stirred excitement among believers and curiosity among unbelievers. The evidence dug up with a spade can speak volumes--and serve as a powerful testimony of the reliability of Scripture. Norm Geisler and Joe Holden have put together an impressive array of finds that confirm the biblical peoples and events of ages past. In a user-friendly format written in popular style, they... examine the latest finds and explain their significance include dozens of photographs provide an instructive chart of artifacts (along with fast facts) sample a variety of finds--papyri, inscriptions, scrolls, ossuaries, and more If readers are looking for just one book to cover this topic both concisely and comprehensively, this is it