The Purple Dream
ISBN: 1475992424
EAN13: 9781475992427
Language: English
Pages: 152
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback
Publisher: iUniverse

The Purple Dream

Book Overview
This book introduces a style of a unique fiber. A fusion between deep philosophy and creative poetry. ADAB society described the author as the resurrection of the greater Neruda. SOUL magazine wrote: History will prove that his new school of philosophical poetry will be the standard against which others will be measured. It is my pleasure, to once again, offer my highest recommendation. Prof. Timothy Bucha, Ph.D. *** A very enjoyable and moving book, and a great contribution to the global recognition of Canadian literature. Gouda's books offer a plethora of original imagery: Our love will be dancing around us, long after all the angels have died, and god is old and gray. I don't believe in love with no hurricanes, no earth quakes, no roaring militia storming the bedroom with heavy artilleries. He wrote about jumping over the moon's fence to seduce the moon's daughter, climbing a woman's breasts to unbraid her hair. The imagery in poems such as my bed is angry, synthetic love, the pregnant dream, a misspelled idea, a song with no lyrics, a night full sins, a loud sound under my skin, plastic lips - are samples of his unique fascinating style of emphasizing metaphors and profound imagery. The incredible manipulation of the language makes this book one of a kind. A must for every art library. Dr. Adel Josephs, Ph.D. *** Powerful material, by a genius writer. Stunning. Spring 2013 issue. The Washington Art News Gazette. *** * Barnes & Noble * Chapters - Coles - Indigo * * * *