The Right of Nations to Self-Determination
ISBN: 1410217051
EAN13: 9781410217059
Language: English
Pages: 132
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Several of Lenin's basic theoretical essays on the national question are brought together in this volume. They analyze the national question specifically and historically in Russia, Norway, Poland, and Ireland and discuss national oppression, colonialism, social chauvinism, and opportunism in the national question. The book underlines the relationship of the national question to imperialism and shows how the struggle for democracy and national liberation is integrated with the fight for socialism. In these essays, Lenin exposes various errors in dealing with the national question. He points out the concrete tasks of the working class within both the oppressed and oppressing nations in the struggle for self-determination. In view of the key importance of the national question in the world today, this collection is particularly valuable. The Right of Nations to Self-Determination forms a companion volume with Joseph Stalin's Marxism and the National Question, which was written at about the same time and which Lenin regarded as a masterful contribution to Marxism.