The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature
ISBN: 0415304393
EAN13: 9780415304399
Language: English
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature offers penetrating insights into the lives and opinions of some of the most significant players in the cultural life of the 20th century. Carl Gustav Jung was at the heart of that cultural life, pioneering, along with Freud, a new interpretation of what it meant to be human in the modern age. This volume reveals the full range of Jung's involvement in this process, from his famous analysis of Psychology and Literature to his landmark texts on Joyce's Ulysses and Picasso's paintings. Jung writes of Freud from the perspective of one who was permitted a deep glimpse into the mind of this remarkable man, and through the memories and opinions recorded in The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature, the reader is offered a similar privilege.