The TMJ Healing Plan: Ten Steps to Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain and Jaw Disorders
ISBN: 0897935241
EAN13: 9780897935241
Language: English
Pages: 269
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Book Overview
The painful joint disorder known as TMJ manifests in the jaw, neck, back, and head, making it a debilitating condition that can adversely affect daily life. The many sufferers of TMJ the disorder is shockingly common, affecting 1 in 25 people often must pay exorbitant fees for dental splints ($450) or surgery (upwards of $100,000), and they are forced to invest time and energy to manage their pain. Cynthia Peterson wants to help TMJ sufferers to find a new way to alleviate their discomfort, offering tips of on posture, tongue placement, and simple physical therapy exercises that can reduce, relieve, and even eliminate TMJ-associated pain. Each section is illustrated with photos and drawings, making this invaluable guide an easy-to-use resource for those who need it most.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover This is the most useful book of its kind that has ever been written...patients who use this book to eliminate harmful habits and implement appropriate home care activities, will have the best chance for a speedy and thorough return to normal function. Joseph R. Cohen, DDS, President, American Board of Orofacial Pain, Asst. Professor, UCLA Orofacial Pain, TMD & Sleep Apnea Post-Doctoral Program. Simple, Powerful Self-Care Practices for your TMJ-Related Problems It's not all in your head. One in 25 of us suffer from symptoms of what is usually called TMJ but can also be termed TMD, TMJD, orofacial or craniofacial pain. These symptoms can include headaches; painful jaw joints; difficulty opening or closing the mouth; clicking or locking jaws; ear pain, stuffiness, or ringing; neck, shoulder, or facial pain; tooth grinding or clenching; and morning jaw aches. Though these complaints are common, the average sufferer sees numerous doctors and undergoes several treatments often with little relief. While there is no one-size-fits-all remedy, this book offers safe, proven tools you can begin using right away to improve your condition. Drawing on her many years of practice as a physical therapist, training in head, neck and jaw pain, and work with dental and medical experts, Cynthia Peterson has developed a 10-step process that addresses the root causes and contributing factors of TMJ disorders. Her simple practices and exercises allow you to replace hurtful habits with the healthy ones necessary for long-term relief. You learn to Lighten the load on your jaw Correct your posture as you stand, sit, and sleep Breathe and swallow properly Soothe head and neck pain Reduce stress and exercise with ease Save money by avoiding or reducing costly treatments Photos and illustrations make instructions easy-to-follow while the true stories of fellow sufferers inspire your healthful changes. Including information on getting medical care and choosing specialists, attention to the needs of children and young adults, and guidelines for preventing recurrences, this comprehensive resource empowers you to begin healing today.