The Warlord's Beads
ISBN: 1565548639
EAN13: 9781565548633
Language: English
Pages: 32
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Hardcover
Book Overview
Clever young Chuan comes to the rescue of his father and in the process invents the abacus. Illustrations.
Editor Reviews
From the front Cover A NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2001 BOOKSENSE 76 SELECTION ACCELERATED READER PROGRAM SELECTION Debon's distinctive artwork adds to the fairy tale feeling of this story. --Children's Literature Debon evocatively depicts court dress and decorative details . . . capped with a diagram for a modern version of Chuan's counting frame made of cardboard, pipe cleaners, and o-shaped breakfast cereal --Kirkus Reviews With or without the math lesson, a good picture book for reading aloud. --Booklist Helpful to children learning how to count, add, and subtract and is a good choice for most collections. --School Library Journal Virginia Walton Pilegard's The Warlord's Puzzle explained the origins of the tangram. Now, detailing a boy's attempts to count the warlord's treasure, she investigates another mathematical invention, the abacus . . . --Publishers Weekly Children will not be disappointed in this sequel to the award-winning The Warlord's Puzzle. --JoAnn Lum, Hipfish Magazine Shining bronze coins, elegant jade statues, valuable jewels, and spices of all kinds found their way into the counting room for Father to inventory, but with almost constant interruptions, he keeps losing his place! When the totals begin to vary, the warlord suspects Father is a thief. Clever son Chuan knows better and devises a simple way to quickly and accurately count all the treasure the warlord gathers.