Theft is Legal: Gain Perspective from 13 Economic Stories and Concepts
ISBN: 1478715693
EAN13: 9781478715696
Language: English
Pages: 92
Format: Paperback

Theft is Legal: Gain Perspective from 13 Economic Stories and Concepts

Book Overview
Theft Is Legal exposes the truth. Central banks and governments have been redistributing and concentrating wealth for thousands of years. The only things that can stop them are awareness and action. In this book you will find yourself browsing the author's real memories. You will see through the eyes of a boy in a socialist state struck by the phenomenon of hyperinflation during the years of 1996-1997. Furthermore you will read about the relationship among government, central banking, and economics. If that is not enough, you will gain from exploring concepts related to personal finance and marketing. Lastly, you will be entertained by a fictional story drawing parallels to a situation familiar to many of us today. It will shine light on the reasons why we struggle more than we should in everyday life. The book features several different writing styles so there is guarantee that one connects with you. Unlike most books of its kind, Theft Is Legal gets to the point quickly and does not repeat key concepts in perpetuity. Every page will award you with something new to ponder about. The writing is clear and easy to understand and each chapter is aided by an illustration to help visualize the author's ideas.