These Violent Delights
ISBN: 0997319755
EAN13: 9780997319750
Language: English
Pages: 326
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Format: Paperback

These Violent Delights

Book Overview
Two households, both alike in dignity... Romy Montoya feels less than #blessed to be sent to Verona Prep, a posh boarding school on the East Coast designed to break students down and rebuild them for the Ivy League. As the daughter of a controversial pop superstar, Romy has spent most of her life in L.A. surrounded by ostentatious wealth and the obscenely privileged. After a highly publicized run-in with a paparazzi, her mother ships her to Verona for a fresh start. Julie Cranston is shocked when her parents pack her up for junior year at Verona Prep. She's perfectly happy with her old school, church, and friends, but her father is running for U.S. Senate on a conservative platform and wants to maximize their profile on the East Coast. Lonely and ousted from her comfort zone, Julie never expects to meet the daughter of Monet, the very musician her parents are denouncing as the cultural Antichrist. The two girls don't expect to even like each other, let alone fall in love. Romy is comfortably out of the closet, but Julie tries to deny what she feels for Romy. The two date secretly, keeping their relationship from their friends and roommates. But in any Shakespearean retelling, star-crossed love can't stay secret for long . . . When Julie's so-called friend, Tyndall, outs the relationship to Julie's parents, Romy and Julie must figure out how to keep Julie's parents from sending her to a gay conversion camp and separating them forever. The girls are hurtling toward their destiny, but will fate decide to be cruel or kind? The course of true love never did run smooth...