Translation of Evidence Into Nursing and Health Care
ISBN: 0826117848
EAN13: 9780826117847
Language: English
Publication Date: March 21, 2016
Pages: 472
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Book Overview
Designed as a textbook for the DNP curriculum and as a practical resource for more seasoned health professionals, this acclaimed text encompasses aninterprofessional approach to translating evidence into nursing and health care practice that is useful for both clinical and nonclinical environments. Thesecond edition presents new chapters, three of which feature additional approaches for translating evidence into practice, new methods of informationtechnology for translation, and interprofessional collaboration and practice for translation and three that offer 19 exemplars that illustrate actualtranslation work within the areas of population health and specialty practice, and in the health care system. Consistently woven throughout are the themesof integration and application of knowledge into practice, leadership and evaluating change, leadership strategies for translation, and interprofessionalapplications across settings. Also included is new information about outcomes management for improvement of direct and indirect care. The second edition continues to deliver applicable theory and strategies to achieve improved outcomes, and meets the DNP core competency requirements. Itfeatures a variety of models for change as they relate to translation of research into practice. The text underscores the importance of translatingevidence for use in practice to improve health care and health care delivery, and presents strategies to achieve this. It addresses the use of evidence toimprove nursing education, discusses how to reduce the divide between researchers and policy makers, and presents expedients for overcoming resistance tochange. Extensive lists of references, web links, and other resources enhance learning and support the development of the DNP core competencies. NEW TO THE SECOND EDITION: Addition of an esteemed co-editor Reorganized and revised for enhanced comprehension New chapters: Methods for Translation, Information Technology and Decision Support, Interprofessional Collaboration and Practice for Translation, and Data Management and Evaluation of Translation Three new exemplar chapters: Population Health Exemplars, Specialty Practice Exemplars, and Health Care System Exemplars Updated information on integration and application of knowledge into practice, leading and evaluating change, leadership strategies for translation, and interprofessional application across settings New coverage of outcomes management for improvement of direct and indirect care KEY FEATURES: Offers an in-depth guide for planning, implementing, and translating evidence Includes extensive references necessary for doctoral study Provides the perfect supplement for evidence-based practice materials that often have limited information or value for translation/implementation activities