Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids
ISBN: 1770856188
EAN13: 9781770856189
Language: English
Pages: 96
Format: Paperback

Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids

Book Overview
Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids presents straightforward advice on what every explorer must know if they are to survive the most daunting challenges the world has to offer. The ultimate adventures are gleaned from the author's travels around the world. He packs every page with the priceless knowledge he has gained over the years. Features include: Watch Out warnings and danger alerts What To Wear checklists How To advice (such as how to spear a fish) Equipment essentials (like anti-leech socks) Did You Know sidebars describing the animals adventurers may encounter Interesting facts, such as the experiences of record-breaking explorers, like British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes who cut off the tops of his own fingers in a vise rather than endure the pain of frostbite for one more minute Explorer Q+A's, where the author describes his own lifetime of exploring Author Q+A's. Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids is no replacement for the real thing but quite possibly it will inspire would-be explorers to dream about their own adventures in the not-so-distant future.