Unstuck and on Target!: An Executive Function Curriculum to Improve Flexibility, Planning, and Organization
ISBN: 1681252996
EAN13: 9781681252995
Language: English
Pages: 304
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Unstuck and on Target!: An Executive Function Curriculum to Improve Flexibility, Planning, and Organization

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Book Overview
Now a complete multicomponent kit For students with executive function challenges, problems with flexibility and goal-directed behavior can be a major obstacle to success in school and in life. With the enhanced second edition of this popular curriculum, you'll explicitly teach flexibility, problem solving, coping, and goal setting through fun, field-tested lessons that work for learners with autism, ADHD, and other challenges that affect executive function. A school-based intervention for students ages 8-11, this evidence-based curriculum gives you 21 ready-to-use lessons that boost cognitive flexibility in everyday situations, from compromising with peers to coping with frustration. And now Unstuck and On Target is much more than a book--it's a complete multicomponent kit that includes the revised curriculum, three classroom posters, two game boards, and more than 50 printables (available online). Unstuck and On Target Benefits: Meets the needs of MTSS Tier 2 learners. This proven curriculum is one of the few tailored to the needs of Tier 2 students who need more focused instruction. Gives you explicit, step-by-step routines, activities, and scripts to help students improve executive function skills. Targets the flexibility and planning skills every student needs to learn effectively, reduce stress, get along with others, problem-solve, and more. Can be done in any classroom, by any teacher. Each ready-to-use lesson comes complete with clear instructions, materials lists, and tips for teachers. Makes learning fun with engaging games, role plays, stories, and lively class discussions. Reinforces new skills through 19 Home Practice handouts in English and Spanish (available for download online). WHAT'S NEW: Now a complete kit, in a convenient package that includes posters, game boards, and access to printable online materials * Now appropriate for learners with ADHD and other challenges * Tested with teachers and streamlined for user-friendliness * Enhanced parent materials, including materials in Spanish * Tested with a diverse sample of children and refined to increase student engagement Unstuck and On Target Kit --includes a manual, two game boards, three posters, and more than 50 downloads (available online) Learn more about the Unstuck and On Target Gameboards & Posters here.